Amber Luke gets her Nose Tattooed by Mario Daggett

Amber Luke "Infamous Lunatic" is getting a Nose Tattoo today! It seems like the Blue Eyed Dragon loves pushing the ...

TigerLilly and Thumper Suicide have an Artsy shoot with Ivan

Suicide Girls Tiger Lilly (Tigerlly) and Thumper Suicide open up their creative energy with Alt Erotic's Director Ivan. If you ...

Duke Daybreak meets Samantha Mack in Ink Motel #3

Ink Motel #3 skit from Alt Erotic's Original Series created by Ivan. This comedic look into a creepy handy man ...

Samantha Mack & Will Havoc in “10 Minutes”from GlamGonz

Samantha Mack meets a stranger, Will Havoc, at the Hotel. What happens when Samantha slides her key card under his ...

Evilyn Ink is “Boujee” Video and Interview

"Boujee" Evilyn Ink is back with an interview showing off more of her tattoos with while telling us why she ...

Rocky Emerson “QuarantINKED” in United States shows off her tattoos!

Rocky Emerson is quarantined in California and has decided to let us into her life by showing us her tattoos ...

Natasha Grey is “QuarantINKED” in America with her new toy!

In her first ever Alt Erotic “QuarantINKED” episode, hot babe Natasha Grey, is dressed like a naughty first responder sexy ...

Australian Tattooed Model Amber Luke’s 1st photo shoot in United States

Amber Luke travels to United States to shoot for Alt Erotic, Here is the behind the scenes to Amber's first ...

FACE TATTOO!! Genevieve Sinn gets Tattooed by our own Josh Gray

We traveled to Las Vegas to meet up with hottie named Genevieve Sinn. She wanted a Mandela tattooed on her ...

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